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We know you want what’s best for your kids. We want that too! We work with you to help your children achieve their potential and thrive in school both academically and socially. We strive to enhance your children’s educational experiences by empowering you to be an informed participant in their learning process.

Fireborn provides parents with clear, practical, and easy-to-remember strategies that they can begin to use immediately at home. Through this training, Fireborn enables parents to help their children soar to new educational heights.


  Pillar1 AcademicsHelp

Homework Help

Grades matter. Doing homework well matters. Sometimes your children will need your assistance with homework. Fireborn teaches you how to help with homework in specific subjects, such as math and writing, while avoiding becoming too involved.

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Pillar2 SocialEmotional

Social & Emotional Development

Your child’s social and emotional skills affect overall school success. Fireborn will show you how to help your child learn to handle a variety of issues, such as reducing anxiety, dealing with bullies, and self-advocating, as well as how to help your child build character.

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Pillar3 LifeSkillsPlanning

Life Skills Training

Children need to develop essential support skills, such as organization, planning, time management, and study skills, in order to do things such as complete and turn in their assignments on time. Fireborn will enable you to teach your children these skills.

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Pillar4 Parenting


The way adults interact with children affects their development and world view. Research shows that your parenting style makes a significant difference. Authoritative parenting is the gold standard. It involves loving and supporting your children, reasoning with them, and providing them with boundaries. It is easier said than done! Let Fireborn help make it easier for you.

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Fireborn equips the individuals who surround students at school and at home with the training needed so they can help their children succeed.
Kids are not always open to help from parents in these situations. By watching Fireborn Flickers, attending lectures, reading Fireborn Fireside, following Fireborn on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and enjoying working through the summer activity packet, you will learn how to break through those barriers.

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Fireborn Institute

…promoting happy academic (and social) lives.


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